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The first team from Premature came to visit the Parc during the month of December 2015. There was about 35 people who attended.

During the visit we took them on a tour to see what exactly we’ve been up-to and the progress that we have made since we started this project.

We took them to see the construction taking place of the Pivot Dam, Power Station, Flight Pump Station at the Kwango river and the Silo Complex to name but a few. We also showed them the Quarry and Stone Crushing Plant in action. The visitors was in total disbelief that the project was still so young and that we were only busy for little more than a year since the equipment and material arrived. Some of the visitors went to the

Church on the Parc and prayed for the project, we were overwhelmed by this kind gesture from them. May God bless them and this project.

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The silo complex construction continues. Concrete works in the receiving pits as well as the first and second elevation pits are finished.


The foundations are laid out and finished for the silos’ right hand side of the dryer as well as the right sides cooling compartments.

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One of our current project on the park is a weight bridge. This will have multiple uses, but mainly will help with weighing

the harvested products. We have currently finished the foundation for the weight bridge as seen on the photo. More updates


will follow.

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Another 1,5 m needs to be dropped, that is about 170 000,00 cubic meters of soil that we still need to excavate before we reach the desired depth for the pivot dam. As of yet we are about 40% away from completion.

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With this vast area located in remote and untapped terrain, the lack of electricity soon became an area of priority to address in order to achieve development objectives. With an entire new network of powerlines, PA Industriel ensured the total supply of 54 megawatts to the Parc at Bukanga-Lonzo, which is way beyond the Parc's needs. This means neighbouring cities like Kenge and Bukanga-Lonzo Town can also be supplied with power.

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Grain Storage Facilities

The best in the latest storage engineering will be incorporated with the development of grain storage facilities. These grain storage solutions provide effective and economic large-scale preservation and grain availability on-demand. Precision management of the grain storage facility will ensure quality maintenance of a mass staple food basis for further processing i.e. milling. Construction of the major concrete silo-complex at the Parc at Bukanga-Lonzo is well underway at the exact location as strategically identified per soil surveys conducted. 

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With all main roads already developed in the Parc inclusive of an airstrip for the Airtractor Aircraft, work and expansion is easy and effective. The establishment of a road network was necessary as a primary infrastructure at the farm to enable other practical implementations.

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Planned and completed buildings at the Parc at Bukanga-Lonzo include housing complexes, community centres, warehouses, training facilities, a clinic, a church and more to look forward to in the future.

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